Friday, 29 April 2011

A New Start

After much fiddling and farting about, I have finally settled on a project for the next, ohhh 12 months or so.
Aventine Miniatures have started to release their long awaited Pyrrhic range, and the first few release look very promising.
So i've decided to put together a few Basic Impetus armies for Pyrrhus, and his allies and enemies across Italy and Sicily. Plenty of scope for some fantastic armies, with Rome, Carthage, Sicily, Various Italian allies and of course Pyrrhus himself involved at various times.
Ok, its not going to be cheap, but with a bit of careful pacing, and some judicious flogging of long dead projects on eBay, I should be able to scrape together the funds to buy all the lead required!!!

First off the blocks, Pyrrhus and his army, and the Romans who opposed him at Asculum,Beneventum and Heraclea


  1. Good choice Nige! I've built two Roman legions (at 1:75ish), some Italian allies and a couple of elephants and some Tarentine Cavalry for this war, and am eagerly awaiting some pikemen.

  2. review coming later for the Aventine Phalanx models, they are rather good.