Monday 19 March 2012

Disorder Disorder

Not wanting to use a selection of dodgy cardboard counters, I set about thinking what I could use to mark Disordered units. The main Impetus rules suggest using a sword waving officer type, but being a cheapskate of the highest order, I elected to use some left over shields, and a 1p piece for the base. Some of the other bases will feature discarded helmets, and other weaponry. I think the markers look quite nice, and much more pleasing to the eye than a random selection of cardboard bits n bobs.


Another unit added, so thats 2 down and another 8 to go. Some very useful generic slingers this time, figures are Crusader Spanish/Balleric slingers, but they are perfectly useable as generic Hellenistic slingers. The great thing about these random Psiloi type units, is that they can be used with quite a few armies. So I think I will get another unit painted up with the rest of the pack, as I'm sure they will get used at some stage.

Ohhhhhhh-I wonder?

Saw these a little while back. OK so they are tagged as Seleucid Companion Cavalry, but I wonder if they could serve purpose, as Pyrrhic Guard Cavalry? So now I have a dilemma, do I go ahead and order these rather lovely figures, or do I hang on until Aventine release their version?  Decisions, decisions!!

Friday 2 March 2012

Moving Forwards

Been somewhat delayed just lately, having taken on some vehicle master work for a couple of mates. So, I have decided to recruit some help to get  the army on its way. Getting paid for my modelling skills means I can employ my mate Doug to paint some figures for me!! That should get me well on the way to having a Basic Impetus army finished to take down to New Buckenham Historical Gamers.