Thursday 9 May 2013

Back Again - With Some Italian allies

Yes I know, I was going to just have the one blog!!
Somehow, I managed to get a small amount of enthsiasm together, and finished off one of the unit bases for my Impetus Pyrrhic army!!

An Italian allies base, they could be Samnites, or Bruttians, or any of the various tribes that went over to the side of Pyrrhus.
Bit of a labour of love, as the figures used were not great. They are mostly Crusader Miniatures, and they were a pain to paint. I had to replace all the shields, with A&A Miniatures ones, as the Crusader shields have no suitable transfer sheets from LBMS, and I did not fancy attempting freehand designs. The figures came with seperate heads, a novel idea, but more farting about to get them right. General detail is a bit sof tand very plain,  none of them have a side arm of any description too.
The command figure is from Aventine, he's really a Roman officer, but I quite like the figure, and he could have pinched the kit off a dead Roman.
I await the arrival of the new Aventine models for the Samnites, as they will hopefully be, bloody excellent, then i may feel a bit more inspired to add another couple of unit bases.
Next, I hope to finish off the elephants, and Greek Cavalry


  1. look great! i do like the crusader range although you have to be a bit careful how much neck you cut off to get the fit right.
    i'm also impatiently waiting for the forth coming aventine samnites!

  2. Excellent Italian allies!

  3. Fantastic looking minis, frome faces to shields!!

  4. Hello,
    Excellent painting and nice unit !!!

  5. I really like these paint jobs, very crisp and clean looking - well done sir!!!