Monday, 12 December 2011

Advancing Phalanx-Review

Along with my Thureophoroi order, I decided to pick up the advancing Phalanx unit pack (UD34) as well, after all you can never have too many pikemen!!!
This unit pack contains packs PH 21 22 23 & 24 bought as individual packs they would cost £18, the unit pack costs £16.65, so thats a good saving.
The figures, up to the usual Aventine standard, nice clean casts with a minimal clean up. A little bit more work required as the command group does contain some figures that require assembly. You get a good mix of linothorax amoured figures, along with some more heavily armoured types, in a muscle cuirass. The figures carry their pikes at a nice angle of around 45 degrees, thus avoiding the problem of impaling your hand, as I often do on the upright pike blocks!!!
Once painted, I think this unit will look rather impressive.
Check out the other unit packs on the Aventine site, as there are some good deals in there.

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