Monday, 12 December 2011

Tarantine Cavalry-Hurrah, A Finished Unit!!

Aventine Tarantine cavalry, based up for the Impetus rules, bu they can also serve purpose for Armati when I go over to game with the lads at New Buckenham.
I have another unit of these to do, the next lot will get more Italian style shields just to make them look a bit different.
Quite pleased how these turned out, as painting horses is not really my strong point.


  1. Very nice indeed Nige...

    This 'finished' business has left me stumped though, are we really supposed to do that with them?

  2. Yes apparently so mate!!
    I'm so used to looking at the piles of shiny lead I have in various boxes, its strange to see them with paint on!!!

  3. Very nice! Great basing to finish them off to

  4. Minis are nce, base is stunning. Jealous, I am. ;-) Simon

  5. Lovely figures and that base is tastefully done. First time I've seen flower clumps on a base that doesn't look like a ride through Kew Gardens.