Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bronze - A Receipe

The problem with painting Bronze Armour, well no two alloys will look alike, its all dependant on the mix in the metal itself. I have seen various differing takes on what painters feel the most accurate depiction would look like. My own efforts look a bit too orange for my liking, and I think its down to the fact that I use Vallejo Brass as a base colour, with a GWs Griffon Sepia inkwash.
I'm going to have a crack at painting bronze like my mate Doug does, as I think his results look pretty damn good.
Paints etc required, Vallejo Bronze, Vallejo Old Gold, Miniature Paints Bronze, W&N Peat Brown Ink, Liquitex Glaze Medium and Retarder.
Doug undercoats in white, then gives the figures a wash of dark brown, to help show the detail, and provide a first level of shading. 
First off, base coat of Vallejo Bronze, thinned with the retarder, try to use a few thin coats of paint, rather than one big thick coat. mix 50-50 Vallejo Bronze, and Old Gold, and use this to add highlights, it is an arse about face way of doing things, but it works!! Now shading, Miniature Paints Bronze, Glaze medium and retarder, in a 25% paint 75% mediums mix, work this over the armour, making sure the recessed areas get a good covering, follow up with a very thin wash of the Peat Brown ink. Once its all dry, go back and add a highlight of Vallejo Old Gold to the edges, and the very tops of raised areas. When you varnish the finished figure, make sure you go back, and recoat the armour areas with gloss, to make them shine. 
Simples, as a certain annoying furry thing would say!!

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