Friday, 21 September 2012

More Italians!!!

Started work on the next unit, this time its more Italian allies. Using figures from Crusader, A&A, and SHQ, as Aventine have not released any suitable figures yet :-[
These figures are hard work, need a bit of cleaning up, and the detail is nowhere near as good as the Aventine models. Crusader have different shields to all the other models, and no LBMS transfers available, so I have ditched them for replacements from Gripping Beast, and A&A. I think they will all look OK once I've done them.
I'm using the Doug Bronze method mentioned before, and so far the results are looking pretty good, I may have to do another Phalanx now, to replace my Epirote one!!

Hope Aventine return to the Pyrrhus range, and finish it off, with some decent Oscan types.


  1. Looking good so far, and the elephant at the back looks interesting too!


  2. Yep, I agree.

    Looking forward to seeing them based up and ready to take on those pesky Romans!