Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Base Work

Having got a few painted figures done, my thoughts turn to basing the little beggars. I began with a couple of slingers, these are from Crusader Miniatures, they are Balleric Slingers from their Ancient Spanish range, but will pass muster quite nicely as generic slingers. I carefully selected some nice stones from my gravel box, and applied them. along with my special sandy mix, to the base. Once dry I gave the base a wash of Vallejo GameColor Beasty Brown, followed by drybrushes of Vallejo Tan Yellow and Pale Sand. The stones got a drybrush of GW Deneb Stone, with a little Vallejo Pale Sand mixed in.
A few judicious patches of my own static grass mix, and some nice tufts from Antenoctii's range, and hey presto!!!  I think I may swap the Beasty Brown wash for something a bit more subtle, but overall I quite like how they turned out.

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