Wednesday, 23 November 2011


A while back, I picked up an ebay bargain, 28mm Macedonian Army, mostly Foundry Figures, and all painted to a basic standard. Here's one of the unarmoured Phalanx figures.

Well, the seller must have been annoyed with the price, because the whole lot was slung nto a box, with not a lot of protection, resulting in a chipped horrendous mess of tangled pikes and figures!!
After looking at this mess, I put the box away in disgust, and there it sat until. by chance I found it again, and decided to have a go at renovating one of the figures, nothing swish, just a good basic paint job to make the figures useable again. So on the left is the result, just a nice basic paintjob, and a shiny new replacement shield to replace the bottletop he had before, nice LBMS transfer, and away we go. These guys will work perfectly well for the rear ranks of the armoured Phalanx, or for the less well equipped phalanx unit.
Oe maybe I will just stick em back on ebay, and earn some more cash to buy more Aventine stuff!!

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