Wednesday, 23 November 2011

More Phalanx-At Last A Basefull!!

Finally!!! A basefull of finished Pikemen, now just have to do the other four figures for the rear section, and we have the first Impetus/Armati unit completed. Basework not done yet, as I am still deliberating whether to put the command at the front, or more historically, at the rear of the Phalanx.
All Aventine figures, with LBMS shield transfers, I've stuck with more  simple colours, rather than going mad with purples, yellows and all sorts of bonkers shades, as I can't find any reliable historical evidence to say that the units were outfitted in anything more flash than red tunics, and bronze,linen and leather armour. Not a flash paintjob by any means, but they look OK  all bunged together, and thats good enough for me.
Back to the desk for the rear rankers, a selection of less well armoured chaps, all Linothorax this time, so we shall see how they turn out later.