Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Linothorax and Phalanx Commands

Just a quick review of the latest aquisitions from Aventine Miniatures. This time round I ordered some of the more lighter armoured chaps in the shape of packs PH07,08 and 10. (top to bottom in the above pic)
These figures are clad in the Linen armour (Linothorax) and will be used to fill the rear ranks of the Epirote/Macedonian Phalanxes.
The figures themselves are cleanly cast, and will require the very minimum of clean up before painting. I have to say its very refreshing to have such well cast models, and have to wonder why other companies cannot produce their models to the same high standard.
The detail on these models is very good, nicely raised, but not too clunky, enabling you to do a reasonably good paintjob, with out too much effort. I expect they will work well for the "Dippers"amongst you!  Take a bit of time, and I'm sure a stunning paintjob will be the result. If you want to see just what folks have done, go to the Aventine site, and have a look at the Elephant on there!!
My one gripe, and its my fault for not reading the info on the site. Wire spears, you have to order these seperately, but hey its no big deal, just make sure you order enough to go with your Phalanx packs.

Command Packs
Ok, onto the two Phalanx command packs, PH13 and 14 ( top to bottom in the above picture). Well what can you say, thats not already been said!! Two really rather fine command groups, with plenty of scope for including them in your Phalanx, or as stand alone vignettes.One again they are beautifully cast models, and they are cramned with lots of great detailing. The open handed figures can be used as standard bearers, or if you add a pike, they would make great Taxiarch or Syntagmatarch figures.
Overall, there are too many trumpeters, I will probably find myself filing away a couple of the trumpets, and adding another weapon,or have them holding a horse's reins, so they get used anyway.
So, overall, 5 more packs of fantastic figures to add to my lead pile, only this time I can see them all getting painted.
Would I recommend them? Yes, without question, I think these are the best Successor Range Phalanx models around at the moment, with enough scope to produce some very interesting looking units for whatever your choice of Successor army may be.
Nice one Adam and Keith, now forget about those Imperial Romans, and get cracking on some more figures for this range ;-]]

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