Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ohhhhh, Painted Stuff

Ok, be gentle with me folks, I have actually finished a few figures!
First of all, some Phalangites, as I will need a fair few of these. Figures are from Aventine Miniatures, with those fantastic shield transfers from Littlebigmen Studios.
I have gone for a more subdued palette of colours, sticking to simple natural colours, and just plain metals. I have seen some mad colour schemes on other people's versions, purples and pinks etc!! I have been unable to locate any evidence for these, so I have stuck to what I know. Later on, some of the file leaders and commands will get a bit more extravagent!!


  1. Looking good!

    I'm so tempted to build a Pyrrhus army as my 2013 project - great looking Phalangites and an excuse to build out all sorts of Itallian tribe troops.

  2. I'm hooked!!
    Going to do Pyrrhic first, followed by Republican Romans, Syracusan and Early Carthaginian.
    Loads of scope as you say to add Samnites, Oscans and various other Italians as well.