Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Surprising What you Learn

When placing an order!!
Once again I find myself clicking on the Aventine Miniatures bookmark, and ordering a few more packs. A chance ebay sale, and I had some funds to spare, so I have re-invested the funds, with some more wargames figures! I am reworking some of my figures from Foundry, Crusader and Polemarch, and wanted to replace the shields with some Aventine ones, so I can get an nice overall effect. Being a cheeky sod, I ask Aventine if they could send me a spare vexillium,I finish off the order, and send it off into the interweb. A little bit later the phone rings, its Keith from Aventine, enquiring whether I wanted a vexillium transfer, or the actual metal standard! I tell him what I want, and we get talking. I did not realise that Keith does all the mould making , and casting. So now I know who is responsible for the amazing quality of the castings themselves. Keith also told me that some new advancing Pikemen packs, and the Thureophoroi packs will be out very soon, so something else to look forwards to.

Excellent service again, what more can I say!!

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